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Thanks for taking the time to visit the website for Cop Life.  Here you will find all the episodes and other information about the show.  

A Litte Update

Jan 15, 2022

Hello to the faithful listeners and to the curious followers.  I know it's been over 6 months since you've heard from me.  I'm sorry about that, but rest assured I am okay.  Any rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.  Actually I don't know if any such rumors exist, but the internet is a big place.  Also, NO I did not get Covid.  I've never had it as far as I know.  

I'm making this post for those of you who have been checking the website or have emailed me in the last 3 months.  As you can see, this website looks quite different.  I recently allowed my website hosting to lapse with my current provider because I was unhappy with it.  I chose to move the website to a different host.  The url is still the same, just a different look.  There is one very important thing that I need to inform you about however.....if you have sent me email at in the last 3 months or so, I did not receive it.  By letting my hosting lapse, I lost access to that address and it has not been active.  I don't want you to think I have ignored anyone's messages.  From now on, PLEASE DO NOT SEND EMAIL TO THAT ADDRESS.  You can however still reach me at as always.  Or you can use the contact form at the top of the site.  (They both go to the same place)  

Now the question you've all been asking:  When is the next episode?  Answer:  I'm working on it.  I learned awhile back not to make any promises on timing.  But I assure you all is well and I am working on what I want to do for the future of the show.  A lot has been going on at life and at work.  I stay pretty busy and this show is a labor of love hobby so I have to work on it when I can.  

Thanks for your patience and continued support.  It means a lot.  I'm always here for you and appreciate hearing from listeners; whether it be questions/comments or simply kind words of support.   I look forward to speaking with you all again soon.  Until then, TAKE CARE!